title - Wine Dogs


"Great men have great dogs." - OTTO VON BISMARCK

Australian Rules footballers are elite athletes that have made it to the top and are playing in the greatest football competition in Australia. They're household names around the country and genuine stars! But who are the unsung heroes that helped them reach the top? The pals that keep them fit during the off-season? The buddy that's always there for them whether they win or lose? The only mate that truly understands what they've gone through to reach the top – their woofers!!

Well now it's time Rover got his bone and is given the recognition he deserves. Footy dogs of Australian Rules football... your time has come.

Footy Dogs is a 280 page, hardback, full colour, cloth-bound coffee-table book on the dogs of Australian Rules football. It features glorious photos of players and their dogs from all sixteen AFL teams.

Along the way, the mutts and purebreeds are interspersed with short essays by Ron Barassi, Lynda Carroll, Sam Kekovich, Trisha Broadbridge, Mick Millett, Diego Maradogga and many more.

Find out which player's dog wears pink nail polish, who peed on the photographer and discover the identity of the player who guzzled the church's altar wine.

Footy Dogs is a photographic journal of stunning photography and great yarns – created all for the love of dogs and footy.